Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I'd Like To See More

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I know, I know, don't even pay attention to the date on this. I absolutely forgot to put a reminder for this after being out of town all weekend. But I couldn't pass this one up. I get to share ten settings I would love YA lit to be in!

1. 1920s

Or really, anywhere from the 1920s to the 1960s. I LOVE that era. I think of the flappers, Captain America, the World Wars, great music, and fun. Lots of fun. So if someone could produce more books in this setting, that would be much appreciated.

2. Ireland

I think I have read only one book set here. One. Ireland, my friends, would be a great place for characters to be! We have lots of London and other European countries, but Ireland? We can have cute men like in Leap Year, beautiful scenery, and lots of adventures. Besides, I have lots of Irish in me so it definitely can't be a bad place. 

3. Victorian England

My absolute favorites series in the Adult genre is set here and really, how could you not like this era? I can't think of a single YA book placed here. 

4. Africa

Not only am I determined to go there one day, I'm determined there will be more African books out there. Once again, I have read only one book set there and it wasn't really focused on the African setting around it. The wild animals, the village children, the safaris. Let me have something African!

5. The Carnival

Since I get Alice in Readerland's posts in my email (it's a wonderful thing), I saw her Top Ten Tuesday and ever since I saw this amazing point, I thought: YES. It can be magical or creepy or fun or all of the above. I haven't seen The Notebook. but I do know they meet at the carnival. So come on, let me have books at the carnival!

6. The Jungle

Think The Jungle Book or Tarzan! You can fight for survival, have desperate times, or be raised there or find your way around. Overall, it would be nice to read about the jungle for a change. 

7. College

Usually YA books end when they go off to college. Why can't I read about them THERE? And not the crazy, wild stuff. Sure, some people have not-so clean experiences in college, but I know plenty of people who DO. So clean college. Yes? Please?

8. Rome

It can be Ancient Rome or just Rome. It's a beautiful place with lots of opportunities of romance!

9. Christmas

Does anyone else feel like it's really hard to find good Christmas-y books? New York at Christmas time would be even better!

10. Egypt

Oh, Egypt. Pharaohs, pyramids, mysteries, and more. I love the idea of Egypt. The next best thing to visiting it is to read about it. 


So that's my list of where I want more YA settings to be in. What are YOURS? 

To conclude, here's a song that makes me pull even more for #8. 


  1. Thanks for the mention! :) I haven't seen The Notebook, but I think it's neat that the leads meet at a carnival! Ooh, Leap Year, that was such a cute movie! The 1920s and the jungle are 2 more of my favorites on your list!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Ha, I didn't think about it but we mentioned each other in our TTTs ;) Ah, Leap Year! Not a lot of people seem to have seen it, but it's one of my mom and I's favorite movies :)

  2. I love your choices! I never would have thought of the carnival, lol. I'm too enraptured by the circus (courtesy of the Night Circus). Forget college, bound, I want some immediately post college settings lol. "New Adults" get no love in book settings. Here's Ours

  3. Rome is definitely a lovely setting to set a book <3

    It's interesting to see how many bloggers mentioned the carnival for this week's TTT, I never would have thought of it but it would be interesting.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog last week! Hope you had a good weekend =)

    1. It is!

      I know, I keep seeing it pop up all over the place. Thank you, you too :)

  4. Awesome list! I'd definitely want more of the jungle, carnivals, Rome and Ireland. And ooh, Egypt, I don't think I've read a book that has been set there.

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday post!

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  5. I can't think of a single YA book set in Victorian England either...Would love to read one set in any of these places, but Ireland or Rome especially :)