Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Worst Worlds/Characters

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This is the week where dystopian and fantasy books come in handy. Hurray! The lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish gave us the option of picking the worst worlds to live in or the characters you'd NEVER want to be or switch places with. I decided to do five of each, so in no particular order:

Panem from The Hunger Games
This will probably be a popular pick this week considering it hosts an annual event in which 24 kids die to the death until one is left. It's a horribly realistic, dystopian society and run by a manipulative "leader" with mindless subjects. So if you're not mindless, you're overworked and suppressed. No thank you.

Luna & New Beijing from Cinder
I couldn't pick between the two considering they seem equally bad. In Luna, you have a dictator of a queen and these mind-controlling abilities. If you have a "shell" for a child, they're killed. But then in New Beijing, you feel helpless because the previously mentioned Lunar queen is trying to take over your world. 

Middluns & Monsea from Graceling
I think the Middluns sounded worse through Katsa's eyes and Monsea is horrible for Bitterblue. But basically, the Seven Kingdoms are bad for girls in general. What makes it worse is Katsa's uncle, the king and tyrant of Middluns.

Reverie & Death Shop from Under the Never Sky
Aria is from Reverie, which keeps their citizens blind and dependent on them. But then the Death Shop hosts cannibals and questionable woods. Of course, it doesn't matter for either of them because everyone has to escape to the Still Blue (hence the title of the third book). 

Dystopian Chicago from Divergent
There is no way I could survive in this city. I could never be ALL one type of personality and of course, I'd have the luck of being in the faction of selflessness. I can be pretty generous and selfless, but don't force me to be that way. 

Annie Cresta from Mockingjay
I think most people would consider another character in this series, like Katniss, but really, Annie has it rough. We're told she went insane when her partner was graphically murdered in the Games and then...well, Mockingjay was not kind to her.

Tarver Merendsen from These Broken Stars
I can't even say anything because it's spoilery, but I pity the man.

Mia Hall from If I Stay
The whole book is about her deciding if she should live or succumb to death as she's in a coma after HER WHOLE FAMILY DIED. Whole. Family. I can't even comprehend the grief.

Nikki Beckett from Everbound
I usually don't sympathize with girls in love triangles, but I can't help it. Things happen in the first book that I probably shouldn't reveal, but the second book is where I sympathized with her the most. 

Sybella d'Albret from Dark Triumph
Who would I NOT want to switch places with in a million years? Sybella is an understatement. Cringe-worthy happenings in her life. She does have Beast as a love interest, granted, but I'd rather live alone forever than have her past. 

What worlds would you never want to live in? Who would you never switch places with?


  1. Poor Annie! If I Stay is a great choice too...can't imagine.

    Cool maps, and yeah I don't think I'd want to live in any of those places either.

  2. I didn't really think of Graceling or Cinder like that when I was making my list, but now that you mention it I don't think I'd want to be there either. I agree that Annie got the shaft in that series! I also don't think I'd want to be in Gale's shoes for most of the story either. Great list!
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  3. I totally agree with all of the worlds and characters you've picked! Even if I haven't read all of them, I know I wouldn't want to live in those worlds! I don't think I would have thought of Luna and New Beijing, but those would be pretty bad worlds to live in!

    I didn't do a TTT post this week because I didn't think I would be able to think of ten! But now I think it would've been easier than I thought to think of ten, after reading other peoples lists today! :)

    1. I felt like I was thinking a bit out of the box for that. I just don't like so much stress, but of course, our world is stressful as well.

  4. Oh, I love that you included maps, too! :D Hmm...I never considered the world from Cinder, but it makes sense...one would always fear that the Lunar Queen would one day reign there. And I agree with all of your character picks, too...especially Mia Hall. That would be one terrible realization to wake up to.

  5. I actually wouldn't have thought of Reverie & Death Shop even though I marathoned the series this weekend (with the exception of Into the Still Blue, will read that one soon :) I'M SO EXCITED SUMMER, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!). I definitely wouldn't want to be Mia. Gosh, that girl had it the worst *sobs* And NIKKI YES! That ending of Everbound? I'm still shocked about it though I should have seen it coming lol. I hope to finish that gorgeous, compelling series soon and I definitely need to give the Grave Mercy world a try :) Such a great list, Summer! I've actually seen very few of these you mentioned today and I love that you picked the unconventional ones :)

    1. You marathoned! YES. I AM WITH YOU ON THE EXCITEMENT! I should have seen that ending coming too, but I didn't and AH. Why thank you :)

  6. Annie Cresta is a good pick. I would automatically have said Katniss, but Annie's a much more interesting choice.


    1. I was going to put Katniss, but Annie popped out at me :)

  7. I didn't even consider Luna from Cinder. And along with the Lunar Queen trying to take over New Beijing, there's also the plague. Definitely not great places to live.

    Mine is here.

  8. Poor Annie! *sobs* And definitely would not want to live on Luna...Queen Levana is a crazy person. But you're totally right, Earth is also royally screwed up in those books. But I sure love to read about it!

  9. Good thought on Annie! I didn't do this week's list, but when I was thinking about possibly doing I thought I might say that I didn't want to trade places with ANY character in The Hunger Games, because yikes! And so of course, I don't want to live in Panem either!

    1. I was very tempted to just list every Hunger Games character!

  10. I totally agree about Mia from If I Stay. I DNF'd that book bc I was like "wait EVERYONE dies!!". I'm going to try again with it, but I just wasn't in the mood for that much craziness that soon into the book!! But yeah I would NOT want to be in limbo like her. And NO to The Hunger Games world (and most other dystopian). Just sounds like awful places to be!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

    1. I understand that! It actually took me a while to get into it.

  11. I'm fairly certain Panem was on at least 90% of lists yesterday. Any dystopian world fits this prompt perfectly, especially that one. Divergent's setting is another given because how could you ever choose only one defining character trait?

    I feel so terrible for Mia as well. If that happened to me... I can't even. Sometimes I get jealous of book characters' interesting lives, but at the end of the day I would much rather be me, living my relatively happy and peaceful life with no novel-worthy problems.

  12. I basically wouldn't want to live in any of the worlds that you pointed out either! Seriously though, they're terrifying. I wouldn't last a day in any of them. I really think we all need to live somewhere with lots of yummy food, unlimited wi-fi and all the books EVER... Which is sort of like my house ;)