Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day of Thanks and Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is when people watch the parade and football, agonizingly wait for the meal, and then stuff their faces. Oh, they also—hopefully—acknowledge the whos and the whats that they're thankful for. Instead of reiterating the same "family, friends, dog" list, I thought I'd highlight just a few of the bookish things (and whos) I'm thankful for as a reader and as a blogger. 

I mentioned in a previous post (and others) that The Hunger Games was a big stepping stone for me as a reader. After tons of historical and contemporary fiction, it was the first different genre I read. Gallagher Girls is contemporary, but it was still different from the other contemporaries for me. Also, this series gave me the best bookish characters to be friends with (my greatest wish was to be a Gallagher Girl). Seraphina was the first fantasy book I ever read and the first book I read to review later for my blog. Without these books, I wouldn't love so many books so much. 

Livia Blackburne, Stacey Kade, and Jessica Brody
The authors that I've met and interacted with have been many and they've all been wonderful, but these three were milestones for me. Blackburne gave me an incredible opportunity, Kade's The Hunt was one of the first ARCs I ever received and she was the first author I interviewed, and Brody gave me the best author meet-and-greet experience (we basically became bffs in two minutes). These women and their books rock.

Bloomsbury, HarperTeen, and Disney-Hyperion
These three publishers are the nicest publishers I've worked with and read from. I can't exactly go into detail, but Bloomsbury and its publicists have really made me grow as a blogger (they're also credited as giving me one of my first ARCs as well). HarperTeen has given us all the lovely EpicReads girls to interact with weekly. Then Disney-Hyperion has continually been an absolute joy to work with (doesn't hurt that the publicist I talk to is super nice) and never fails me with their books. Overall, though, these three have published some amazing books, especially in 2014. My reading log can prove it (and will do so with the End of the Year Survey coming in December).

I'm also incredibly grateful for: 
  • Gifs
  • ARCs
  • Bloggers
  • Fandoms
  • And, of course, PIE

I'm thankful for all of you!


  1. Aww... I'm thankful for pie too!!! <3 <3

    Oh, I'm thankful for your blog, too :)

  2. Aww, I thought this was such a cute post! I think we often forget the importance of those 'stepping stone' books, as you called them. Mine were definitely Graceling and The Maze Runner. Both were books in middle school that really started getting me reading, despite being busy, even then. They were the books that propelled me to become the voracious reader I am today, just like The Hunger Games did for you, it seems!! Also, Jessica Brody was one of the first authors I met too (is this a coincidence or what?!) and she was SO NICE. Totally inspired me to reach out to other authors. Plus, I think HarperCollins is basically everyone's favorite publisher these days because of all the goodies they just put up on Edelweiss, hahaha.

    Love how Gifs was at the top of your list too. Definitely thankful for those (especially High School Musical ones. Not sure why I'm obsessed with them, but hey. You like what you like).

    Hope your thanksgiving went well today!! Yay food and books! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  3. This is such a sweet post, Summer! <3 Based on Aneeqah's comment above, it seems like everyone loves Jessica Brody - she needs to come to Indianapolis ASAP. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  4. I've done a few things for my blog with Stacey Kade and she has always been so wonderful to me. She's sooo nice.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend :-)

  5. A belated Happy Thanksgiving, and (in case I'm running way behind...again) an early Merry Christmas! :)