Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rewind & Review: March 10 - March 23

Hosted by Shae Has Left the Room
I wish it wouldn't be awkward to just start this feature off without any introduction sometimes. I guess I could, but I'm already the Queen of Awkward anyways, I didn't want to let too much awkwardness show. Would it be awkward to just show you the goods—okay, that was awkward, I meant BOOKS. Never mind, it is.

Books I Received:
  • Alienated by Melissa Landers (SIGNED copy from my best friend)
  • Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg (also signed, thanks Emma!)
  • The Hunt by Stacey Kade (Thanks, Disney-Hyperion!)

Number of Books I've Read: 2

What I'm Reading Now/Next: 

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*Subject to change

Nothing really happening over here, except for major school projects coming up and the fact that I applied to about 10 jobs. Oy vey. Happy reading!


  1. You're welcome! And that's so cool that you got an ARC of The Hunt!

  2. I always struggle with the intro to my posts, too, so don't feel awkward all on your own. :) I thought Better Off Friends and Alienated were both cute, and I'm kind of jealous of your signed copies. Do you watch that show Star Crossed? I didn't think I'd like it, even though it is a lot like the premise of Alienated, but turns out I do. :) Good luck with the job search!

    1. Awkward party! I haven't even HEARD of Star Crossed unless I'm forgetting it. How have I not heard of this? I'll definitely watch asap!

  3. I bought a copy of Better off Friends recently too, I'm not sure when I'll get time to read it, but I've read some great reviews for it so far! I also have We Were Liars coming up pretty soon, so I hope you enjoy it! Good luck with your school projects and job hunting! :)

    1. Ah, I think you'll love it, Jasprit! Thanks :)

  4. Well that was awkward. kidding. ;) Oh, Better Off Friends was so stinking cute! I wasn't sure about it at first, but it turned out really good.

  5. That's neat that you now have signed copies of Better Off Friends and Alienated (Need to read this one!)! Looking forward to your review of The Last Best Kiss, that book looks fun! :) And good luck with your school projects and job hunting! Have a wonderful week! :)

    1. Oh, Jessica, read Alienated NOW! It's such a perfect spring/summer read.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you're worried about school and jobs right now. :( Good luck with both, though! And at least you have some new books to help you get through it.

  7. Better Off Friends is one I'm eager to check out- very cool that you have a signed copy! I haven't heard too much about The Hunt so I will look for your review. Have a good week and happy reading!