Friday, August 29, 2014

Do a Duo

During NaNo November, authors from all around scrambled to get 50,000 words in. Coffee, rewards, and more coffee helped them to continue. But the major thing about NaNo is that it's a community. So the biggest motivation for authors, from what I saw, was support from others. If someone was feeling horrible, it was nice to find someone in the same slump and boost each other up.

Similarly, a few weeks ago, I did a few writing sprints with Marlene from Flyleaf Review. We sat down, set a time, and then wrote nonstop, blocking out any distractions. Instead of writing a book, we wrote reviews. Before we did it, I wasn't totally sold that this would actually work. I had been in a slump and wondered why writing with someone (through the computer) would be different than just it being me. Because, technically, it was the same atmosphere.

But I was so, so wrong.

That was THE thing I needed. Thanks to Marlene, I finished approximately one guest post, a review, and a half review in only a few writing sprints. I edited later, but the big, intimidating stuff was over with. 

I don't have a co-blogger or a fitness buddy (although I have been going with one floormate in my dorm to the gym recently) or any other activity partner. But I think if you're any kind of slump, recruit somebody else. 

Key proof that partners help you succeed:

1. Mr. Darcy helping Mr. Bingley. Sure, Mr. Darcy accidentally stirred up trouble leading to the awkwardness, but then he was THERE for him. Bingley TRIES to propose and nerves (and the mother) overtake him, but thanks to Mr. Darcy, he practices and gains confidence. And wins the girl. I only read the book once and have watched the newer version millions many times so excuse me if I only take from the movie.

That is a good friend (and one of my favorite parts) right there. Mr. Bingley may have eventually proposed, but after Mr. Darcy screwed up, he made sure to correct his mistake. And encouraged Mr. Bingley to propose. And helped him practice. That's a good duo. 

2. Iko being Iko for Cinder. That sentence says it all. Iko is wonderful, funny, transparent, and loyal. I don't know how Cinder would be able to succeed without her sidekick.

3. Madison going with Annika to achieve an unrealistic venture. I don't think many people have read Just One Wish, which is an adorable contemporary, but in it, Annika's little brother has cancer. So she hatches a plan to get her brother's favorite star to visit him and cheer him up. And of course, she needs a sidekick. Really, I don't think it would've happened if Annika didn't have Madison. Although the plot itself isn't actually plausible, if you want to make it realistic, there are just some things you need a partner for. This would definitely be one of them. 

Whether you have a co-blogger or a writing buddy, I think everyone can use a partner, especially in the blogosphere. So if you're stuck in a rut, do a duo. I know I've been stuck in a MAJOR one so I'll be doing another one this weekend hopefully.

Have you done a duo? Did it work?

And if someone has any suggestions for getting me out of my blogging slump, help a girl out. What do you do? 


  1. I want to do Word Wars this NaNo, assuming college homework doesn't drown me. I know it's helped other writers a lot and it seems fun.

    I don't know if it's the same, but Friday Night Writes might help you. It's over twitter; they do 30 min sprints with 10 minute breaks, and every break, everyone reports their word count through the hashtag "#writeclub." It's sooo fun, and so interesting to see how much other writers manage to squeeze in during those 30 minutes. Sometimes it's just a dozen words, maybe 100-500 words. Some go for the gold and manage in 2,000+ words in the 30 minutes.

    You should give it a try tonight!

  2. I totally know how you feel Summer! I'm so lucky that I have Rachel on the blog with me, as there's days when I'm meant to post something and I don't get the time, or I haven't been able to catch up with comments in so long either. I hope you get out of your slump soon! :)

  3. It is actually so true that working with a partner makes things so much more productive. It's good to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Good luck with your slump!

  4. Yep, accountability does wonders! I'm glad you found a way to make it fun again! :D

  5. I've never done a duo, but you make it sound so effective. I usually wait for a certain "I want to write a review" mood to strike before I work on my reviews, but working with someone might help me FORCE myself to be in the mood.

    I hope you get out of your slumps soon, and I'm glad to hear you found a blogging technique that works for you!

  6. The Bingley-Knightley scene! Love it!

    So I love the ideas you mention here, but sadly I often have a hard time finding a buddy who's trying to accomplish the same goals as I am.

  7. Yes! I absolutely agree with the idea of finding someone to work with or work alongside. Because sometimes, it's just nice to have company (even though you'll often be in the isolation of your own home) when you're doing things like writing (stories or reviews). I'm so glad you've discovered that it's great to have someone to help you, encourage you & push you - and I definitely think it's something applicable to many, many things in real life too!