Sunday, November 25, 2012

College: Where the Crazies Are

I go to a local college about thirty minutes away from where I live. I'm part-time college and part-time high school*, taking only a couple of classes. One of which is Composition 1. It's a small room with only a few rows on each side of the room. We have a projection screen and a dry-erase board. I sit in the second to last row on the end and can basically see the whole room except for the two people who sit behind me.

If you have ever gone or are going to college, you know there's a variety of people. In my composition class, you see it very clearly. Let me describe a few people to you: 

The Hippie. She always has her short, black hair in pigtails, wears some form of tie-dye every class, and has a huge, colorful peace sign tattoo on the back of her neck. Seriously, her tattoo has rays of rainbow coming out of the peace sign. She's also very loud and very annoying. I don't think my professor (let's call her Ms. Oak) even likes her. We just submitted our paper in a week or two ago and she has non-stopped asked for it. Every Tuesday and Thursday: "Ms. Oak, when are we getting our papers back?" And EVERY time, our professor replies with the same day (we always get our papers back after two weeks, no more or no less). 

Well, she asks again on a Tuesday and Ms. Oak says next week. On Thursday, guess what happens. Just guess. That's right, she asks, "Are we getting our paper back today?" 

The girl next to me and I rolled our eyes in unison. I then found out that the Hippie made her paper 10 pages instead of the 2-3 page limit. Goodness. 

The Terrorist. No, I am not racist. He's not Muslim or any other idea you instantly thought of. But he does look like he's waiting to destroy everyone. You know, the kid in high school who was always bullied and then turned evil and killed everyone. I imagine he was that kid. 

He sits in front of me and I never see him talk. He's not that good-looking and looks very sullen. His creative story was also, um, interesting. He's definitely one to keep your eye on and to never anger. 

The Loud Mama. Last, but not least in my composition class is the Loud Mama. She sits behind me and should probably just be named the TMI Mama. When we did our creative stories and read them aloud, she added details of her birth. Ewww! She talks very loudly every class and about stuff no one cares about. We don't care if you had to fix a banking problem with your landlord because your ex-company screwed up your check and that's why you had to walk out of class. We just DON'T CARE.

She also shared in class that she was the "other woman" with her boyfriend. And continued to stay with said boyfriend while she was pregnant even though he pressured her to do drugs while pregnant. DRUGS WHILE PREGNANT. I'm sorry, but that's just wrong. She now has drama with the baby daddy and his other girlfriend. Do we care? No. I am now sorry I fed that all on you, but feel my pain.

The Hierarchy. There's two or three girls in the back of the class on the other side of the room. These girls were probably the top dogs in high school. You just don't mess with them. I don't make eye contact and I certainly don't talk to them. I'm not a chicken and I don't get bullied. However, I get intimidated at times and I'm not going to be put in an uncomfortable spot for no reason. 

I am nervous when I have to do a presentation in front of them. I keep imagining them scoffing, snickering, and throwing squashes. (Okay, maybe not squashes, but I wanted to keep up with the alliteration.) **

Those are the four crazies in my composition class. Welcome to my college life. Thank goodness this semester is almost over.

*I'll explain more about my situation in a future post. Look out for it!
** Presentations have been passed and I didn't have squashes thrown at me. Also, thanks to our same thoughts on Black Friday, I have discovered they are actually okay people. 

Do you know some college crazies? Who? 

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  1. HA!!! I can just imagine who I would be... Probably the hippie... except maybe not asking EVERY class for the paper! Goodness... I do love homework though which puts me in an entirely different place than 99% of the population!

    Lovely blog!

    1. I don't enjoy some aspects of homework, but I do love parts of it when I write papers and when I'm finished. I feel professional with all the research I do :)

      Thank you so much! Thanks for commenting and coming by!