Monday, December 24, 2012

I Dreamed a Dreaaaam!

School reading always equals boredom to me. Dreading agony that I trudge along with and try to get out of as much as possible is what I associate school reading with. "Fun reading" would be books I pick out and can either toss if it's not for me or devour in a day's time if it's SO good, which hopefully it is. School reading is something I'm forced to stick with and is full of words I don't usually understand. To me, it's like trying to read the King James Bible. Don't get me wrong, I love the Bible. But King James version? It's full of thee's, thy's, and thou's and takes me so much longer to decipher than the "normal" version.

Why did I say all that? Well, folks, if you look to the picture above, you would know I'm about to rave about Les Miserables! Les Mis was a book that I picked out from a list to read for school. Unlike other school books, it actually grabbed my attention. My cousin though was first to read it. She called it the greatest love story and even named her child after one of the main characters. That's true fandom.

I read the book late last year and held off watching any of the movies because my mom didn't care for them and I wasn't about to taint my image of Les Mis. But this new movie? It's coming out Christmas Day and I have already declared repeatedly that I WILL be seeing it. Unfortunately, I won't be going out tonight for the midnight showing. Instead, after present-opening and lunch, I will be dragging my mother out to see it.
Me on Christmas Day

The trailer? Goosebump worthy. The actors? Fan girl is jumping up and down.

On our way to see The Hobbit, another school book I read last year that I was intrigued with, we passed by the poster I posted on the top of the page. Also, the poster which is posted on the left. Let's just say that when we passed by the huge poster, I made a spectacle out of myself.

But honestly, look at the posters. Gorgeous. I personally love the poster on the right. It shows all the characters and the flags being waved.

Two other posters that I love. 

The poster on this left isn't that whoop-dee-doo, except for the line on the top. The poster with Cossette (higher up left) has the same line, but not as noticeable. "Fight. Dream. Hope. Love." Everyone knows the saying "Live, Laugh, Love." I personally am tired of everyone saying it and making little tweaks with it. I have a feeling that "Fight. Dream. Hope. Love." might be on every status in America, but right now, it makes me feel empowered. I want to yell, "HUZZAH!" 

To conclude this jumbled mess devoted to Les Miserables, here is the trailer for you to drool over. 


Are you going to see Les Miserables

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. I'm a big fan of Les Mis so I'm very excited to see how the movie turns out! Glad you included the posters too! :) I'm also curious to see how Eponine's character turns out (wish she was on the poster) as the book version of her was very different from the stage musical version of her.

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. I was VERY disappointed. But I hope YOU enjoy it! And Eponine was a highlight of the movie for me.