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Attack of the Assassins: Author Interview with Robin LaFevers (+Giveaway!)

Welcome to my stop on the Attack of the Assassins blog tour! My sister, Shelver of Bookshelvers Anonymous, is the host of this week. She let me join this week in allowing me to interview the amazing author of His Fair Assassins series, Robin LaFevers. Once you are done reading, don't forget to go on over to her blog, read her posts, enter in her giveaway, and then check out the other blogs participating (because there will be giveaways there too!). 

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Now I have the immense pleasure in interviewing the mastermind of this wonderful series, Robin LaFevers! You can check out her bio here

Sunny: Hi Robin! Okay, Dark Triumph. I have not been able to nab an ARC myself, but I hear it is even darker than its predecessor. Did you go into it knowing how dark it would be in comparison with Grave Mercy or did it just come naturally? 

Robin LaFevers: Yes, I knew from the moment that Sybella first appeared on the page in Grave Mercy that her's would be a dark, hearbreaking story. But it very much came naturally from who she was. I didn't think, Oh, I want to write a really dark, grim, rip-your-heart-out kind of story. It's just that a girl simply doesn't end up that damaged unless there is something grim and tragic in her past. But one of the truly great things about being a writer was being able to take her on a journey toward hope, to be able to help her leave that bleak place and give her hope and joy along the way.

S: Since I'm guessing you researched for Grave Mercy, was there more research involved when writing Dark Triumph? Or was there not as much since it was the sequel?

RL: There wasn't quite as much research involved for a few reasons. One, as you said, I'd done a lot of the groundwork type research for the first book. Secondly, Sybella's was a more personal story and involved less of the politics of the time. The majority of the research I did for this book was regarding the locations where the book takes place. I had to research Nantes and Rennes and Morlaix, and the roads in between so I could accurately write about them.

S: Ah, locations. That makes sense.

**I'm not sure if I am allowed to say Beast is in the story so I will edit his name out (or this question) if you want me to** So Beast is in this, much to my extreme delight. Did you have fun with him as the love interest? 

RL: Yes. You are allowed to say Beast is in the story. It was never intended to be a big secret. There actually was an epilogue in Grave Mercy that made it plain he was still alive, but we decided not to use it for other reasons.

And YES. I adored writing about him. Whenever I wrote about Sybella alone, or in the castle where she was, I felt so dark and claustrophobic and despairing. And then came Beast, exploding onto the page bringing a breath of fresh air and hope and it was so great to be able to give Sybella that experience, to share that lightheartedness with her. She so desperately needed that!

S: I just sighed. Oh, Beast. 

In three words, how would you describe Dark Triumph? 

RL: From darkness--hope. 

S: Okay, I cannot resist asking, would you be able to put the third book in three words also?

RL: Sorry! I can't do that yet. Won't be able to until it's completely done. It's actually pretty hard to distill an entire story down to its three word essence.

S: I knew you probably couldn't, but it never hurts to ask! It really is a hard question, especially since it's not done yet.

Did you have fun moving away from Ismae and going on to the darker, more mysterious Sybella? Anything we should be warned of with her story?

RL: Fun isn't quite the word I'd use. Honestly? It was a long hard slog getting through Sybella's dark journey, but all the more rewarding when we both made it out alive! :-) 

S: Very rewarding and all the readers are/will be glad for it!

What is one book that you have recently read (or listened to) that you loved? 

RL: Seraphina by Rachel Hartmann

S: Seraphina! I need to reread that one. Thank you, Robin!

This or That: 
Chocolate or vanilla? 
Ebook or paperbackBoth! Ebook especially for traveling or really thick mass market paperbacks that practically sprain my thumb when I try to hold them open, but trade paperbacks or hardcovers for everything else.
Star Wars or Star TrekAgain, both. I adore them both.
Brunette or blonde?
Winter or summer?
THIS or THAT? Because it's important to live in the now.


I would like to thank Ms. Robin LaFevers again for so graciously giving me an interview. This whole blog tour plus the answers to my questions make me bounce up and down in my seat even more to read Dark Triumph. Now...giveaway time. Here's what is being given away:

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Dark Triumph comes out today so don't forget to stop by your bookstore and pick it up! Also, the last day of Attack of the Assassins blog tour is tomorrow. There are great giveaways happening too so you don't want to skimp out in missing it all.

Are you excited to read Dark Triumph? Have you read Grave Mercy yet?


  1. Rocking interview, girlies! I haven't read Grave Mercy yet! O.O I'll need to fix that soon, LOL.

  2. Ah, it is wonderful to know Robin favors chocolate but loves both Star Wars and Star Trek and practically bubbling over to hear she's read and loved Seraphina! Seriously I'd like to see Ismae and Sybella visit Seraphina's world and shake up some saars.

  3. I have copy of Grave Mercy I still have to read and I really want to get to it soon. Beast also sounds pretty amazing :) Great interview!

  4. This is such a cool post Robin and Sunny! I have yet to still pick up Grave Mercy, but my co-blogger Rachel absolutely adored it and now after this wonderful post, I'm even more eager to get my hands on a copy! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jasprit! Ooh, I hope you read it soon and enjoy it :)

  5. I haven't read Robin's books, but I still find this to be a stellar interview. And I commend your sister's tour organizing skills. :)

  6. I love that you asked for a hint on book 3! Too bad Ms. Robin couldn't answer. Totally worth a shot though. :) Fantastic interview - I love getting into an author's head like this!

  7. Loved the interview. And I LOOOOVED Dark Triumph! Sybella and I are soul sisters. I can't wait for the next book.

  8. I loved both of these books! And your interview was fabulous! :) I think I'm most curious about Annith because we know practically zilch about her. But I still love Ismae and Sybella. And Duval and Beast, of course. :D

  9. I'm so curious about this Beast! I really need to find time to dive into this series. Great interview! :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books