Thursday, January 23, 2014

This vs That: Book Preferences

Ice cream or cake? Beaches or mountains? Carpet or hardwood? Morning or night? Ellen or Oprah? Tied, mountains, hardwood, night, and Ellen. We all have preferences and are asked many this or that questions. In a small way, they define us. So what about the common book preferences?

Paperback vs Hardcover
Some people prefer paperback because it's smaller, they don't have to deal with the annoying jackets, and they're cheaper. Hardcover comes out sooner though and I think a series in hardcover looks nicer on a bookshelf. 
My pick: Paperback. I don't have to take the jacket off and can still have my pretty cover when reading. 

Ebook vs Physical
Probably the most debated preference in the blogging world from what I've seen. Convenient, can tote around more books, less clutter...the list goes on with the bonuses to reading an ebook. With a physical copy, you get to feel the book in your hands, admire the cover, and have your book senses tingling. 
My pick: Physical. I tend to enjoy a book more when it's a physical copy.

Series vs Standalone
"Ugh, commitment," people say when asked about series. There seems to be more series than standalone books nowadays and many people groan at the thought of having to read three or so books to finish a character's journey. Or it's the problem of having to wait until the next book comes out. But then you finish a standalone and you crave more of the great characters you experienced and dangflabbit, you want more. 
My pick: Tied. 

Faces on covers vs Not
This could be better phrased as: do you want floating heads, weird poses, and odd facial expressions or symbols, buildings, and possibly another body part on your cover? 
My pick: Depends. To be on the safe side, a cool symbol (but I always like a WELL-DONE character visual).

Nice guy vs Bad guy
This usually relates to a love triangle in which a character has to pick between the nice, "safe" guy or the mysterious, "bad" guy. Usually the bad guy is misunderstood and wins, but sometimes the nice guy wins like in Phantom of the Opera. (If you were spoiled by this, it's not my fault. It's like being mad that someone told you Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett get together.) Or you could just have a preference in what your love interest is like. Do you want your protagonist to meet a super nice guy or a possibly dangerous one? 
My pick: “I wouldn't want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I'd like it if he could be wicked and wouldn't.” Or just a nice guy. Less baggage, ya know? 

Music vs No music
After a comment I got on one of my past posts, I realized we may have different reading habits as well. Some people may need to read alone while others have to be in a certain spot. But what about music? Music can enhance the mood and connection to the book if you have the right playlist going, but others could be hindered by extra noise and words going on around them. 
My pick: Music. I felt pumped with music going on as I reread The Hunger Games.

Male vs Female
I wouldn't be surprised if most people said the latter when it came to not only the protagonists, but also the authors. I know that for some, it really doesn't matter to them and they don't pay attention. But others when I say that, I mean me might not read a book when they see that a guy is the main character. They might also hesitate when they see the author is a guy and not John Green.
My pick: Girl power! I connect better. 

There are probably a whole lot more that I didn't mention. Just like people have genre preferences, there are many book and reading preferences for people to have. Is it weird that I'm always wondering what people prefer in the categories above? It's cool for me to see who's the same and who's different from me.

So...what are your book preferences?


  1. This is a really good feature you have here. There are so many preferences when it comes to books that it isn't even funny, but I respect people's opinion and I agree with most of yours. My only big difference is although I like female characters and most of time I read books with female characters, but sometimes male characters can be a breath of fresh air and give me a new prospective on life.

    1. Thanks, Rachael! The only time I ever find myself truly connected with a male POV is when it's dual POVs with a girl and strangely enough, I find myself more connected with the guy. My brain is messed up that way.

    2. I have read many books that do a great job with the back and forth characters. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors to do dual point of views. He always seems to have the girl has his main character, but the guy's opinion really adds to the story.

  2. I used to prefer the bad boy but I've noticed lately that it's changing to more the good guy. I have no idea why it's changed but really I do love both in the end. lol I also prefer hardcover. Paperback is more comfortable to hold but when I finish a paperback I hate feeling like the book is so used and doesn't close completely... I am super picky, apparently. lol

    1. I find myself drifting over to the niceness too! I think it's because it seems like authors try too hard to have their guy character bad, you know? Ha!

  3. Loved reading your preferences!
    Paperback vs. hardback: both. Hardbacks are gorgeous and are damaged less easily, but paperbacks are lighter and cheaper.
    E-book vs. physical copy: generally physical copy, but I do like having e-books.
    Series vs. standalones: I do enjoy both, as long as they're well done. And I like standalones that have the potential to one day have a sequel, but they don't NEED it.
    Male vs. female: Protagonist-wise, I do prefer female. Author-wise, I try not to be picky. I generally judge by book content first.

    1. I like your reasoning for all of these! I TRY not to be picky for male authors and such and I feel horrible that I am, but they make me so hesitant.

  4. Paperback Vs. Hardback
    Paperback wins for me! It's cheaper (I have a hard time justifying buying a hardback for myself unless I KNOW I'll love it) and lighter for me to take with me! And like you mentioned, I don't have to worry about ruining the jacket! :)

    Ebook Vs. Physical
    I prefer physical books more than ebooks! I've noticed that I have a shorted attention span on ebooks, and I just like being able to hold the book in my hands when I read! (And I love the smell of books!)

    Series Vs. Standalone
    This is tough for me to pick, but if I have to pick just one, I think I like standalones more! I LOVE series too, but I love being able to pick up a book and know I finished the story when the book ends!

    Faces on Covers Vs. Not
    To be honest, I like faces on covers more! UNLESS the person on the cover looks nothing like how the character is described in the book! That really bugs me. But if a really neat looking symbol or something else is on the cover of it, then that might win!

    Nice Guy Vs. Bad Guy
    This one really depends on the book! :)

    Music Vs. No Music
    I sometimes listen to music while reading, but this goes back to the short attention span thing that I mentioned earlier, I just have a hard time focusing on reading if music is playing. (I listen to music while I'm doing almost everything else, though!)

    Male Vs. Female
    Honestly, I agree with you! Every once in awhile I read a book from a male POV that I enjoy, but most of the time I find it more enjoyable to read from a female POV. If I see a book is male POV, I usually overlook it because of that. I just like reading from a female perspective better! :)

    This was fun! I love reading other peoples reading habits! :)

    1. #1- MUCH easier to take with you. Although, I worry that it'll bend.

      #2- Agreed! Recently, I've found GREAT ebooks, but last year, I thought that ebooks and I weren't compatible because I didn't like them. I still like physical copies more, but at least I can enjoy ebooks now.

      #3- Tis true!

      #4- YES. This was the hardest for me actually. When the character LOOKS like they're described, then I love looking back at the cover occasionally as I read. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. And sometimes characters are really awkward on the front, making me not want to tote the book around.

      #5- *nods*

      #6- Ah. That's a common answer, I think.

      #7- FINALLY. I don't feel like a horrible reader now. I felt a bit sexist or whatnot, but I just can't get into it with a male perspective UNLESS it's alternating POVs.

      Me too :)

  5. I love how I feel like I get to know fellow bloggers better after reading posts like this - reading preferences are an important part of who we are! I agree with most of your answers, although I would never choose to listen to music while reading. If someone else is playing it, I can usually tune it out, but If it's MY music, I start singing along and getting distracted.

    I second your answer to the nice guy/bad boy question (and yay for more Anne of Green Gables references!), as well as the girl/boy one. I remember talking to you about this before, and my feelings are still the same. I connect better to a girl as well, although I have read some amazing books with male protagonists.

    1. I knew you'd say that about music ;) I guess it just amplifies the mood and connection I guess. And I'm use to having it as background noise when I read on the treadmill.

      I couldn't resist the reference!

  6. I love the idea for your post!!
    I would have to say, *clears throat* - Hardcover, Physical, Series, Not Face on Covers (I enjoy symbols and I like to imagine what the character might look like), Nice Guy, No Music (just because once I was reading with music, then it went on to the next playlist with party music during the saddest part, which totally ruined it), Female Protagonists (Girl Power forever!! PS Johanna Mason, anyone?)
    PS At the beginning, I would say tied, mountains, night, Ellen - totally agree with you, Summer!

    1. Thanks, Kat!
      Your comment rocks (the music definitely has to be in the right setting and so it can annoy me when I have to pause my reading to set the right music) and extra brownie points for answering the top ones! *high fives*

  7. Ice cream, mountains, hardwood, night, and Ellen! Hardcover, E-book for all the quotes I can highlight and finding passages just by knowing one word in it, BUT I buy the physical copy as well if I LOVE it. I need it on my shelf! :) Standalone, Faces, Nice Guy, No Music, Female. Fun post, Summer! :)

    1. Ding ding, Rachel gets brownie points for the top ones! I keep forgetting we can highlight on those.

  8. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog, yay for more like-minded book bloggers! What a great feature, it's always so hard to just pick one!

    I would have to pick paperback, because it's lighter and cheaper! Physical, Tied, no face on covers, nice guy, no music, and I'm not fussed with whether it's a boy or girl protagonist.

    Thanks for a great discussion!

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

    1. Hi, Joy! I'm glad you stumbled upon it, it's great to meet new people :) Thanks!

      Love your answers!

  9. Hardback
    No faces, especially of guys. I don't mind bodies and stuff, just not the face
    A nice bad boy, with a wicked sense of humor.
    Quiet music or TV in the background is fine, but I'm good with just the noises around me too.
    Doesn't matter to me - I've read good and bad by both male and female. As long as they get the job done!

    You're rocking these posts!

    1. I NEED to find more male author and protagonist books, but they intimidate me and I don't always enjoy it so I guess they really don't get the job done for me, which stinks. Unless it's an alt POV. And no guys on the covers, I agree! I think designers mess up guys more than girls on those.

      Oh? Well, *blushes* why thank you.

    2. My review for Red Rising went up, and I thought about you. It's by a male author with a fantastic male MC. I would highly recommend it to you. I'm pretty sure you'd love it.

    3. Oh? Well, my TBR just expanded! Thanks!

  10. Booo, bad boys for the win ;)
    I also love to read with music on, it actually helps me focus better, somehow haha. The hardcover/paperback is just so hard for me to pick. I like what you said about always being able to look at the cover but the hardcover is so much so durable xD
    Fun post!

    1. It all depends for me ;)
      FINALLY. Someone who likes reading with music. I felt like a loner out in the music world by myself.

  11. I kind of just love your thought process, Summer! I do prefer physical copies, though I have no preference over paperback versus hardcover. I just want all the books on my shelf to be matchy-matchy. :P I ALWAYS listen to music while reading...I can't concentrate otherwise. I like series and stand-alones, though if I'm reading a series, I definitely prefer if all the books have already been released. But that doesn't always happen. :( Great post, as per usual. :D

  12. Okay... I'm going through your list in a fast fast way (because it's late and I have to go to bed because I have class tomorrow, but I just want to comment first!). Does that make sense? Probably not... *snort* okay! Moving on!

    #1 - Paperback vs Hardcover: Tied! I don't really prefer either, but hardcovers are prettier #SorryNotSorry

    #2 - eBook vs Physical: Physical, definitely! I like to sniff the pages and hold the actual books in my hand! (does that make me weird? Oh, whatever, I already knew I was weird!)

    #3 - Series vs Standalone: Tied, I don't have a preference, just as long as they're both awesome!

    #4 - Faces On Covers vs Not: I don't particular mind, though faces on covers need to be done well.

    #5 - Good Guy vs Bad Guy: Oh man... I prefer for my guy to NOT be a total jerk! So if its a bad guy with a very sweet side and he likes to cuddle, then I'd definitely go for the bad guy! (I know... I have issues! I just... Gah! I have a thing for them bad boys...). Though if the bad guy is rotten inside, please give me the good guy! Actually it just depends, I'll see who I fall in love with! Can't mess or go against love!

    #6 - Music vs No Music: Music! Most of the time I just love to listen to music while reading :) (Unless its a very very sad book... then no music for me...)

    #7 - Male vs Female: I don't really mind, though it is much easier to connect with females (and they just have to be badass!) Though I really don't mind as long as they're great characters!

    Okay! These where my answers! Do we match again? We match on quite some right?
    I'm really going to bed now! Great post Sunny (oh wait, Summer!), as always! <3

  13. I, personally, like a good bad boy (yay for oxymorons!), but only a certain kind. The cold brooding ones are boring to me, but I like the mischievous ones who know how to have a good time.

    Erin @ <a href="”>Raised Reading</a>