Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters at My Lunch Table

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It's school season! Yay? No. The only way school would be AWESOME is if I had these people as friends in school. So far I've been making good connections, but come on, who wouldn't want these fictional characters at their lunch table? I made half of my list about people I want with me and the other half about characters I want far, FAR away. 

Who I want: 

Tina from The Princess Diaries
Tina is the best. She's supportive, slightly delusional, and unintentionally funny. The girl is a hopeless romantic and her ideas are chuckle-worthy. Who wouldn't want some entertainment at lunch during usual school drudgery.

Peeta from The Hunger Games
He would be our yummy food supplier. Yay for homemade bread!

Victoria from Audrey, Wait! 
Most of you are probably going "huh?" But I just reread this gem and she's hilarious. Quips and wittiness galore. I'd include Audrey too, but I'd want to be Audrey in this scenario so Victoria can be my best friend.

Katsa from Graceling
No one will try to mess with us.

Cress from Cress
The cutest person ever. She made me giggle so much when I was reading because of how much she geeked out. I need her sitting by me.

Who needs to stay away:

Dee-Dee from Gallagher Girls
She's a super nice person, but I think after a while she'd get on my nerves. Too perky?

Allyson from Just One Day
She seems too...wish-washy? I haven't read it in a while, but I remember feeling like pre-adventure that she was easily manipulated and bossed around. And then complains about it. Get control!

Jason from Meant to Be
I KNOW SOMEONE LIKE HIM. He was my mortal enemy until I knew him better and then we became kinda friends. But still. Don't sit with me.

Cady from We Were Liars
It'd be really nice to have a rich friend, but this girl is annoying, has no personality, and just too much. Too much of nothing for me.

Lia from The Naturals
I love and value honesty, but I'd feel too self-conscious with her at my table. She's good at lying AND detecting them. No thanks.

Who do you want at your table? 


  1. Your table would be a lot of fun, I think! By the way, if you're still at your high school lunch table, ENJOY IT! They really are the best (and easiest) years of your life :)

    Here are my Top Ten!

  2. Can I come and sit at your table? I bet I'd get along great with Cress, and I'd definitely be a big fan of all the baked goodies that Peeta will bring to share ;)

  3. Whoooop! Tina is a great character to pick and I actually wouldn't have thought about her :D Great pick, Summer! I need to meet Katsa, but I'd definitely pick Cress too because cuteness and a kind soul :) Oh man! Cady would totally freak us out, but she has her nice moments imo. Allyson? HEHEEEE. I've yet to meet her :D I wonder if we'll both feel the same about her :D I'm glad you decided to do something different and pick the stay away category people too :) Great list, Summer!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

  4. Hahaha it would be really interesting to see Katsa and Peeta together, because Katsa is pretty much like Katniss, but more...I don't know, hardcore? cold? But I can imagine Peeta being like "Hey, Katni--I mean Katsa."

  5. Peeta and Cress made my list too! They're both sweet and yes to homemade bread! :)

  6. I forgot about Audrey, Wait! - both girls would be a lot of fun. Actually, so would Robin Benway's girls from Also Known As. She writes such fun female characters. :) Love your choice of Cress too (hopefully she comes with a side of Thorne :P)

  7. I agree with all of your people who need to stay away! (Well, I haven't read Just One Day, but I agree with the rest.) Peeta would be fantastic because of the whole homemade bread situation - I see nothing wrong with picking tablemates based on their ability to provide food. :)

  8. I totally invited Jason from MtB to my lunch table...along with Julia, of course...I don't think I could take Jason on his own, lol. I love how you split this up, btw. Cute!