Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Announcing Tomorrow's Post...on Another Blog

Once Upon a Prologue
For all of March, Molli from Once Upon a Prologue has been highlight contemporary and certain contemporary books and authors. When I heard her say that on Twitter and she wanted people to do guest posts, I was like, "No way! Contemporary? I love contemporary!"

So TOMORROW, on March 20th, my guest post will be up on her amazing blog. While I hope you check it out, I also hope that you check out the other posts there as well. I see a Going Vintage giveaway there along with just really good posts on contemporary novels. You definitely need it to check it out. Did I also mention that this is my first-ever guest post? Well, it is.

Just for you and because it's a great announcement, here's a GIF party.

End of GIF party.

Me without gifs after the gif party.
Hope to see you at Once Upon a Prologue tomorrow!


  1. This sounds fun and I wish I had seen that twitter call-out! I'll definitely have to read your post.