Friday, May 3, 2013

Bunch O' Giveaways #2

I have been seeing some pretty great giveaways so I thought that this would be great time to post about it and have you take notice. There are tons more out there, but this is what all I had time (and patience) to put together.

Starry Eyed Revue is turning 2! One of my favorite blogs is turning two! Now that's a celebration. Along with that, Jen (a super nice blogger) is also having her 2nd 29th birthday, which I say calls for desserts of some kind. Yesterday, they had a giveaway for only US readers, but now today, they have one open for INT readers. Go fly over there! Ends...sometime late next month. 

Deeanne Gist giveaway. This is for all you Christian readers out there! Christian Bookshelf Reviews interviewed Christian author Deeanne Gist and is giving away her newest book. Ends 5/14.  

The Program giveaway. One of my other favorite blogs, Forever 17 Books, reviewed and is giving away The Program by Suzanne Young. So what I suggest is to read her amazing review then enter to win this really great book. I haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to do so. Ends 5/15.  

Meant to Be giveaway. YA Books Central is giving away Meant to Be (along with other books) this month! Ends this month. 

Mostly YA Book Obsessed's giveaways. There is a whole page dedicated to current giveaways. It is awesome. End date is varied.

Birthday giveaways! My dear friend and amazing blogger, Gillian, had her birthday and to celebrate, she's giving away books. Great books, I might add. ALSO, she is doing a PierceFest with other bloggers and they are giving away one series by Tamora Pierce (which is 4 books max). Can it get more awesome? Here is the link. End dates are varied.

Mod Podge Announcements. Mod Podge as so many announcements, I'll just let you skip on over there and read them for yourself. The giveaway is even cooler, so the link is here. Ends 5/12. 


And that's it, folks! Have at it and go enter some giveaways. However, after my non-winnings in April...I'm really hoping I'll get some good fortune as well. If it can't be me, I sure as hope it will be one of you! 


  1. You are too sweet! <333 Thank you for adding mine here! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the links! I haven't entered any giveaways in a while, but I bet you can imagine what I'm about to do now. ;)

  3. Thanks for including my giveaway, Sunny! Also, I LOVE seeing all of these giveaways in one place. You're providing a tremendous service to your readers! :D