Friday, August 23, 2013

International Cover Battles: U.S. vs Everyone

Let the cover battles commence!
A cover is a key component in getting me interested into a book. If it doesn't look like my taste, I might set it back on the shelf. Great covers make me want to stare at them all day and make me dream about it being on my shelf. Or even better, taking it out in public and proudly reading it because I know my book looks amazing. But while I love looking at covers, I love looking at international covers even more. What might be the same in one country can be way different in another, we all know that. So I wanted to look at how different covers are between countries, compare them, and share it with all of you! 

The Hunger Games
U.S. vs China

I love my simplistic Hunger Games cover, I do. But I really love the Chinese version. The woods and the weird cloud thing going on with the lighting is making me happy. Then there's the blurred figures of a boy and a girl, which I adore, except for the fact that I personally would love if it was just Katniss. That might just be me though.


U.S. vs Spain

Thoughts on U.S.: I love the title font (although I don't remember Cinder having any musical flare) and the undivided attention on her foot. The red really pops and I love seeing the mechanical bit inside her leg. Although, didn't her cyborg leg show?
Thoughts on Spain: I NEED THIS IN MY HANDS NOW. This is so pretty, my hands are twitching. Spain readers, you are so lucky.

United We Spy (GG#6)
U.S. vs UK

There is no competition here. None whatsoever. The U.S. one is so cute, but gosh, so heartbreaking as well. She's in her graduation gown and has a diploma and it all makes me weepy. The UK version? Devoid of emotion. And the tagline is on the lame side.

(old) U.S. vs Germany

I really didn't want the newer, purply U.S. version on here. It hurts my eyes. But the old version, I like. I didn't at first, but I really like the...rustic?...feel of it. Vintage-y maybe. I can't pinpoint it, but I like it and I love the dragon. The German cover, on the other hand...makes me laugh. I keep thinking she's naked. I just don't like any of it. 

The Girl of Fire and Thorns
U.S. vs UK

Aaaaaand UK has made a return against America! The U.S. version is nice and all, but I'm not digging her face in the stone...which isn't the stone supposed to be in her belly button? Awkward. I love the Egyptian feel of the UK version and look! CAMELS! She also looks like she's about to kick some butt in her ninja costume.

The Book Thief
U.S. vs Germany

Considering where this is placed, it's no surprise that I love Germany's cover better. I think the U.S. has some version with this cover (on the right) on it, but I was too confused. Anyways, the U.S. is meh, while Germany makes me feel emotion. I'm going to go cry now.

Alanna: The First Adventure
U.S. vs Indonesia

The old U.S. cover is awful in my opinion so thankfully they redid it and I personally really like this new cover (which is on the left). She's strong and pretty, not like the exorcism version from the old cover. Indonesia is making me disinterested.

Grave Mercy
U.S. vs Italy

No debate here. The tagline, the background, the CROSSBOW...everything is awesome on the left cover. U.S. killed it with this one. Ha, killed it. As for Italy, it's just weird. Slightly creepy, but mostly weird. 

Shatter Me
U.S. vs France

I might be the only one, but I have never been a fan of this particular U.S. Shatter Me cover. The glass bursting behind her and the tagline is cool, but there's something about the model that makes me go "blah." While I don't totally get the French cover, I adore it. So pretty. 

This Lullaby
Spain vs U.S. 
(thanks to Blogger messing me up by not letting U.S. be on the left)

Color me confused when it comes to Spain and This Lullaby. Converse shoes? A weird rainbow? A girl with boots? I don't get it. U.S. is overwhelming me with purple, but at least they're incorporating a guitar. And it coordinates with her other new covers.

Through these at least (I'm not talking about the broad spectrum of books), I find it interesting that I like U.S. covers more. I always look down on some U.S. products in favor of the international kind, but I really appreciate the artists over here. They clearly know what they're doing. 

What do you think about international covers? As for the ones I listed, did you like America's or another country's cover better? 


  1. Have you seen the Dutch cover from The book thief? That's my favorite version (not biased, haha)

    Grave Mercy from Italy is weird.. I love the US cover.

    I like both covers from The girl of fire and thorns.

    The old Seraphina cover is the best. So detailed and I like drawings on the cover :)

    I like both Cinder & THG versions.


    1. No, I haven't! I'll look it up :)
      Seraphina, I totally agree with. It's very detailed which I love.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great Post Sunny as I feel that covers have quite a impact to the story inside and whether readers are willing to pick it up. I prefer the US Hunger Games cover, but over here in Australia there are so many different covers of The Hunger Games getting sold. I find that Australia hardly ever gets Stunning covers. To me I love a cover that draws your attention, a good font, colour scheme, relevant to the story being told and a good cover model all factor into what makes a good cover. Thanks for sharing with us :)

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

    1. Thank you! Oh, I'll have to search up some Australian covers to see how they compare :)

  3. This is a great post, and I completely agree about the United We Spy cover. Until now, I had always liked the UK covers just as much as the ones from America, but this one does NOT hold the same emotion.

    As for Shatter Me, though, I prefer the US cover because it gives off such a strong sense of power. It is a victim of pretty girl on the cover who probably looks nothing Ike the protagonist syndrome, but I can't help staring at it anyway.

    As a fellow cover addict, I loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. YES. I was kinda iffy on US vs UK throughout the series, but then the last book determined it all. What a shame for the British.

      Very true.

      Thank you!

  4. This is a great post, Bec and I always compare our book covers. She's in AUS so we always have different covers. I like all the new US Sarah Dessen cover remakes, they are so modern. I don't like the old US version of Shatter Me, either. Such an awkward position, it seems. Grave Mercy, the US cover wins, for sure. I actually like both the Alanna covers xD

  5. I love looking at international covers too, and I really love Spain's Cinder cover and France's Shatter Me cover! :) Fun post!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  6. As a guess, I think a lot of publishing houses will spend more money on US covers, because the market is so huge. But I find there's no one rule to who does covers better, it's really hit and miss and mostly down to personal choice.


  7. A lot of the time I am convinced books outside of the UK look so much more fabulous than the ones here but I think that may be exposure more than anything because I mostly like ALL book covers. I am slightly ashamed to admit I have multiple nationalities of my favourite books because they are FABULOUS in all their versions. <3

  8. I love the US cover of Cinder more than the other one, but the Spain cover is really beautiful also! When I saw the cover for United We Spy I just...I love it so much! It's perfect for the last book! I actually really like most of the updated covers for Sarah Dessen's books, they are different looking from most of the YA books on the shelves right now! Great post!