Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Things That Make Blogging/Reading Easier/Better

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In no particular order, the top ten things that make my reading and blogging lives simpler or just better:


No doubt, this will be a popular item on people's lists, so I just wanted to get it out of the way. I'm not as into this as a lot of bloggers are, but I'm trying to be. What I do love is how convenient it is. When I search a book on Goodreads, I can see not only all the information about it (i.e. synopsis, publication date, publisher, etc.), but I can also see what people rate it and I have a whole source of reviews RIGHT THERE. I can see what people have to say negatively and positively about a book, which really weighs in on when/if I'll read it as well as when/if I'll buy/request/put it on my birthday list. I also love that they give you all the editions it has for the book so you can see international covers as well. While I'm not as good with keeping up my TBR list on here as I should, I like the fact that I can keep a running list on there for future reference. Really, Goodreads is versatile.


Ever since I could remember, libraries have been such a happy place for me. It's gotten better when I see a book I want to read because I've seen such great things on it (or I need a sequel, I found an author I really love, etc.) and I don't have to buy a book I'm unsure about! The library provides a free reading experience, which is great for stingy, unsure, indecisive book lovers like myself. Of course, this can be listed under things that help the non-blogger side of me. 
If you haven't library hopped in your town, do so. 

I feel like I'm cheating on this one. This makes doing giveaways less stressful because it's super easy to do. On the other hand, I don't do a lot of giveaways. But I have done before and it did make it easier and better so it counts. 

Nice authors

Nice authors are so great, I can't even begin. But let's just say that nice authors, which are more abundant than the blogosphere lets on, make me love reading more and writing reviews more. I will still be honest in my review, but a nice author can get me to read their book that I would have otherwise not picked up. They make it easier to write a review because while I would never let an author know that I hate their book, I also know that if they happen to see it, this nice author won't go berserk on me. Nice authors also make me happy. I like being happy.

Other bloggers
I would be disappointed if you didn't expect another hugging gif.
Bloggers are amazing. They're not only incredibly nice, but they're also wonderfully helpful, which I guess you could say they both overlap. Still. It would get lonely without other blogger friends, or just blogger acquaintances. When I have a question or need help with something, I love knowing that there are nice, experienced people who will help. 

These things are time-suckers, but I love looking for them. But gifs can really convey or dramatize a certain emotion/feeling/thought that I have way better than I can with words. They're also really fun and are great breaks in between paragraphs. 

Isn't it ironic that I don't have a gif for this one? 

Physical attributes of a book
I'm always on the prowl for new books to read or to add to my TBR list. However, it doesn't matter if I'm swamped with books or trying to find a book, the physical appearances of a book helps me decide what to spend my time on. If I'm at the library, the title should catch my eye. If I'm at home or the library or anywhere, a cover should interest me. If I have to decide between two books, a cover or a synopsis will definitely sway me as well as the title. I NEED that front flap/back cover and I am always grateful for them. Basically, they all have a piece in helping me decide what to read. 

Me to a really eye-catching book at the library. 
Before you start stoning me because I'm not supporting my local bookstore, hear me out. It feeds my book lover side by giving cheap book options. More importantly, it also gives synopsis details and reviews (although I like Goodreads better) and a "people who bought this book also bought..." section. I don't like publishers saying "for fans of" on book covers or for hype, but I do love this part of Amazon. I'm always a fan of suggestions. 


I already made a whole Audiobook Appreciation post so you can read my feelings on it there. Basically, I can do more "reading," I can listen to them at work, and narrators are fantastic. 

Oh, lovely Twitter. I really need to comb through all the tweets more, but it's such a great place for bloggers. You get to connect, stalk talk to authors, and it's a great promotion place. Mostly, it's a fantastic way to talk to people without having to go through Facebook. Win. 

Honorable mentions: Edelweiss/Netgalley - they make it easier to get ARCs even if in ebook form. However, I'm iffy on this one considering I can't connect with an ebook as much as a physical copy and I tend to get stressed if I go crazy on these sites.

What are things that make your job as a reader or book blogger easier? Are any of mine the same as yours?


  1. We have several overlapping things on our posts today! Of course Goodreads - I think that'll be on most posts, probably. Hopefully? But my favorite is audiobooks. I listen to as many audiobooks as anyone I know and I always get really excited to fine other audio lovers. So YAY for listening to books as well as reading them in print. (:

    Also, YAY for using the library. That's a huge thing around my house. We are HUGE library lovers.

    1. Yes, audiobooks! I'm so glad I found a love for them.

  2. Yay for all of these, but especially GIFs and audiobooks! :) Twitter and Goodreads tend to be major time-sucks for me, but I love them regardless. :P

  3. Goodreads is awesome, and probably on EVERY list. lol. but, other bloggers are the best, aren't they?

    My TTT

  4. I love all of these answers, although I'm a complete FAILURE at gifs. You'll have to give me a lesson sometime. YES to the library and goodreads, Amazon (tho its way too easy to click on those ebooks, they add up!), twitter and especially OTHER BLOGGERS. Actually I love all your answers!

    1. Impossible! Although I probably was too at first. It's just so much fun. Yay :)

  5. I've only just started using Goodreads, and am slowly getting used to everything I can do on there. I bet I don't even though the half of it!

    Here's my TTT.


  6. I think I need to start using more .gifs. they just take up SO MUCH ROOM. I am so happy the library got some love.

    My TTT
    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

  7. Ahhh how I wish I had taken part in this Top Ten Tuesday, there is so much awesomeness to mention. I absolutely love Goodreads too, although I don't have as much time as I used to to go on it, I love updating everything and discovering new books. I also couldn't live without Twitter or NetGalley/Edelweiss either, I'm always trying to ban myself but find out via Twitter about all the awesomeness available! Great post Sunny! :)

  8. This is a great list! I didn't participate in Top Ten Tuesday this week, but if I had, 1 and 2 would have, without a doubt, been on my list. Goodreads is an online book lover's paradise (they have EVERYTHING) and the library is a physical one (they have books for FREE). Also, I had no ideas Goodreads uses the tagline "it's what all your friends are reading," but I find that to be amusing.

    Other bloggers is another fabulous selection. Everyone here is so nice, and if you ever have a question, you can just ask a more experienced blogger, "Hey, how do you do this," and chances are she will respond. And being able to talk about books with people who have actually read the same ones I have keeps me sane, which is probably a good thing.

    And of course there's twitter. As much as we complain about wasting time on it sometimes, we can't deny that pretty much all of us love it. You get to talk to bloggers and even authors, promote your posts, find interesting articles to read, and so much more. Thank you to the genius who created this social media site.

  9. I still haven't branched out into the world of gifs. You've convinced me I'm missing out!! I'm going to start - immediately! :D

  10. GoodReads, Rafflecopter, and fellow bloggers are tops for me, too. BUT I NEED TO CURB MY TWITTER CHATS. They're out of control.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  11. Quote:
    [Amazon] also gives synopsis details and reviews (although I like Goodreads better) and a "people who bought this book also bought..." section. I don't like publishers saying "for fans of" on book covers or for hype, but I do love this part of Amazon. I'm always a fan of suggestions.
    I wholeheartedly agree on this one. On Amazon, it's not publishers who state who should like their book...it's people who actually read them who indirectly suggest you another possible reading interest.

    Goodreads is the place I go every single day after checking on my blog. I relentlessly stalk the Giveaways and Recent Reviews of my Books sections. And I made both a To Read and a Not Sure list, which helps me a lot when choosing my next books.