Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Thanks

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Instead of doing a broad "this is what I'm thankful for," I'll make it easier on myself and only limit it to bookish things. Otherwise, I'll be here forever listing my dog and peanut butter. 

Really, God bless you, non-Zuckerberg. I wasn't really into it at first, but with bloggy things, it's been extremely convenient and way better than Facebook would have been. Short outbursts, stalking, advertising, connecting...if you have a blog and aren't on Twitter, fix that. 

When I say authors, I don't mean the bad kind. I mean the good kind, the ones who interacted with me on Twitter and the ones who have agreed to do interviews with me. Those authors are the greatest and I don't think this blog experience would have been nearly as fun without those interactions where I could fangirl. 

Of course, the most bookishly thankful thing is all of you! Bloggy friends, readers, and the whole community in general. Sure, there will be drama, but I've been thankful that I haven't been sucked into it. The whole reason I started blogging was to connect with others and have someone I can speak in all caps with. I'm incredibly thankful for all of you. 

For a broke and stingy girl like myself who was raised to not buy a book unless you're sure you knew it was good, this place is heaven. So many options and wonderful shelves.

This is perceived as the big, bad online shop for the book world since it's taking away book store profits, but it's also cheap. And if you're a prime member (like my family), you get free shipping. Nothing beats walking out of a store with a physical copy, but saving about $10 sure comes close.

Publicists (and everyone else behind a book)
I'm thankful for everyone behind publishing a book and all their hard work, but I especially think of publicists since they have to deal with bloggers and our ARC requests. With that said, I give a thankful shout out to Disney-Hyperion and their super kind people who reply to me. 

Suzanne Collins
She gets to be outside of the author headline because I thank her for introducing me to dystopian. I was strictly contemporary before her because I had misconceived notions about any other genre. Thanks to her, I saw a different kind of MC and a whole different world. 

Because they're awesome and my day is made when I get one in the mail.

My books/bookshelves
Obviously, if I have a copy, I love the book. But I'm thankful for them because I know that if I don't have a library book lined up, I can fall back on my trusty books to reread. The best present I ever got was a box full of books. As for the bookshelves, where else would I put my books? 

I'm the kind of reader that likes to listen to music as I read. It helps me connect even further with the story and the mood when the right song is playing. 

What are some bookish things you're thankful for? 


  1. I agree with you on Amazon (shhh, don't tell!). Books are generally cheap on there, plus they're delivered right to your door and pretty fast, too. It's great!

    1. It is! Especially with prime, it's totally worth it.

  2. I'm definitely thankful for all of these things too! I use Amazon a lot for books and mostly because well, I'm broke half the time. lol But I do try to shop at the store occasionally too! But yeah, thankful for the lower prices. :)

    1. I do too because holding a book feels great, but it's double the price!

  3. Yes, to so many of these! :) Esp. the library! I love mine so much. I rarely buy books (Unless, like you said, I know they will be amazing!), and the library lets me try so many that I would never have given a chance if I had to buy them. The blogosphere too! I've been able to talk to so many amazing bloggers. And speaking of bloggers, without Twitter I would not be able to talk to everyone as much. Twitter is great. :) I actually can't listen to music when I read, it's to easy for me to get distracted by it. :( Authors! There are so many nice, and wonderful ones! And of course, the books they write! I know I will never run out of good books to read. ;)

    1. I nodded to your whole comment! Such amazing bloggers. If it wasn't for the blogosphere and Twitter and all that jazz, I wouldn't have even met you! TRAGIC.

  4. There's not a bookstore around me, so I have to agree with Amazon, LOL. I also agree with Suzanne Collins, ARCs, Bookshelves and pretty much everything else. Great list, girly! :)

  5. I kind of have to agree with amazon..I go to my bookstore and the prices are crazy-nothing less than $10 Sometimes I find some books on clearance though- but some of them are way into a series or im not interested.

  6. Love your list, Sunny! The library is wonderful for watching a budget. Amazon is great for that, too, especially with deals or their used books. Great list, Sunny. :)

  7. I'm usually too cheap even for Amazon, so I love my library as well—it's my greatest bookish blessing. :) Everything else on this list is spot-on as well. I didn't know you were a music reader (or maybe I did but temporarily forgot), and you should do a blog post on your reading playlists! Do you listen to different types of music for different types of books? This is something I, as a non-music reader, need to know.

    1. I thank God every time I walk in there...okay, except for when it's crowded with smelly people. That's a great idea. Hm, I don't know if I'd be able to though because I'm kind of a weird music reader, if that makes sense. Sometimes the songs have some kind of connection to me and won't make sense to someone else? But maybe! And I do! Usually! It has to set the right mood (which makes sense since I'm also a mood reader!)

  8. Love Twitter! I only recently have really been spending much time on it, but it's so much fun to chat with people, find new posts that I wouldn't have seen otherwise and it's great for promotion of my posts too!