Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I'd Like in My Fictional Family

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Imagine yourself being able to pick who's in your family. Now imagine that you get to pick fictional characters. What a plethora of choices. I love my family, but it is fun to imagine being related to my favorite characters.

The Hubermanns from The Book Thief
Role: Grandparents
How cute would these two be as grandparents? Sure, they're not that old, but Hans is so sweet with Liesel and underneath her tough exterior, Rose is too. I can picture visiting them and having him play the accordion while she cooks. 

Matthew from Anne of Green Gables
Role: Great uncle
MATTHEW! Sweetest old man ever. Of course, when you get Matthew, you get Marilla. Fine by me. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars
Role: Parents
One of the best examples of PRESENT parents. Not absent, dead, or dealing with problems of their own. They rock.

Finnick from Catching Fire
Role: Uncle
Let's just forget about how swoon-worthy Finnick is and focus on the fact that he'd make one awesome uncle (or even brother). Plus, I'd get sugar.

Celaena from Throne of Glass
Role: Cousin (source)
She's killer (literally), but is also in touch with her feminine side. We'd have fun hanging out, that's for sure. And Chaol would be a great inclusion to the family as well.

Role: Cousin
Oh, the adventures we'd have. But I want Gil.

Role: Brother
Totally stole this picture from my sister who fan-casted Matt Bomer as Roar (perfect). Another fictional guy I have a crush on, but he'd be an amazing brother. 

Role: Sister
I initially went with Elizabeth, but then thought 1. Mr. Darcy is mine and 2. Mr. Bingley would be a GREAT brother-in-law. Caroline Bingley can go die somewhere.

Jo from Little Women
Role: Sister
Or the whole March family except Amy. But mainly, I think Jo and I would have fun together if we don't clash. 

Liz from Gallagher Girls
Role: Sister (source)
LIZ IS SO CUTE. She'd make an adorable little sister. One that I might feel too over protective of or jealous of her smarts, but adorable nonetheless.

Kat's family/crew from Heist Society
Role: Extended family (source)
I just want all of Kat's family and crew to be in my extended family somewhere. Italian families seem fun. Crazy, but fun.

But no matter how awesome these fictional characters are, I do love my family. 

Who would you like in your fictional family?


  1. Haha! Very funny post! And I love your choices.

  2. OMG this topic haha. Finnick as uncle? Um.. That is just not possible lolololol. CHAOL TO THE FAMILY THEHEEE :D I love that you chose Celaena as the cousin though :) Roar as brother :') Roar is just amazeballs. Such a great choice, Summer! And lol! You couldn't leave this post without mentioning Carter's characters, eh? ;) Great list, you!

    1. I COULDN'T HELP IT, SIIRI! I mean, come on, Carter's characters have to be like family to me ;)

  3. What an awesome topic!! I love that you crossed out Amy March- hate her…I would def want Jane as a sister too.

  4. Love the list, Summer! I have not finished Anne of Green Gables (I need to!), but I totally agree with Matthew (Yes, he would be perfect as a great uncle!) and Anne! And Liz! To be honest, I would add all of the Gallagher Girls to the list! :) And Kat! Yes! :)

    1. Well, technically, I've only read the first book and half of the second one for Anne, but I've seen all the movies ;) I was tempted to add them all.

  5. So much yes to Matthew and Anne. And Jane would make the very best of sisters.

  6. Very nice. I'm a fan of almost all of the books these characters come from. Great list.

    My TTT

  7. Jane and Jo would be great sisters to have!

  8. This is brilliant list Summer! I would definitely love to have The Hubermanns and Celaena in my family, they would totally be awesome! I would so have a hard time sticking to ten characters with this post! You did an excellent job there Summer!

  9. Oh my, I think my head's gonna fall off from nodding too much while reading this. Kat Bishop's family? YEEEEEEEEES. I love all of them so much. Finnick would be more like an older brother? And with Finnick, you don't get sugar. You get sugar cubes. All the better.

  10. Awhhhh, The Hubermanns *sob* I'd love to hang out with Celaena and I hope she could teach me some badass moves :D

  11. Hahaha! This list is full of so many great characters. The Hubermanns and Matthew/Marilla are both great fictional couples, and I just realized how similar they are. They both feature adoptive parental figures, a "tough love" mom, a secretly sweet father, etc. Now that I think of it, it's not surprising that since you wanted one, you wanted the other.

    I kind of want Liz in my family too, despite her whole superior intelligence thing. I might want her as an older sister, though, so I could ask her questions and take advantage of her knowledge without feeling awkward for asking a little sister.

    1. Wow, they really are. Those kind of combinations are perfect.

      VERY TRUE.

  12. You chose such a fun topic!!! I especially agree with Matthew (aww, he was so sweet, I want him as my uncle too) and Jane (she was such a great sister.) :D