Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 10 Wednesday: Bookish Problems I Have

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This list of 10 bookish problems I have is probably not the top 10 and definitely isn't in any particular order. They were mostly ones I thought of first and listed. I also am doing Top 10 Tuesday on a Wednesday because school likes to disrupt my life things happen. 

Because they're all about books.
1. Chapter numbers. So here's the thing. Unless I'm in a pressing situation or know that I'll need to stop at a random time, I always stop on chapters that end with five or zero (5, 10, 15, etc.) The five multiples feel like "even" numbers to me even though I know in mathematics they aren't. It feels like a clean stopping place. Downside: when I say "I'll stop at chapter 15" and then don't realize I've gone to chapter I keep going.

2. "One more chapter..." Every bookish person has had this problem, guaranteed. You keep saying "one more chapter," and would you look at that, it's now 2am! Funny how that works. (This is also related to #1 for me.)

3. I can be picky. Everyone has their tastes and disliking a genre is not picky in my books. But I tend to snub on superficial reasons. I haven't had the best luck with main characters being male (excluding the dual POVs) or male authors writing about female characters. I read Harry Potter and loved it so I'm breaking out.

4. Bookish boyfriends won't be my boyfriends. Unfortunately, they will stay fictitious and I'll be in reality. Without them.

5. Money and time are plotting against me. Of course, this also includes school. As a college kid, I feel like I'm stretched thin with time and money when there are a lot of books I just have to read. It's every reader's problem.

6. I want to be part of that world (sometimes). Actually, this is more about the fact that I get so sucked into that book's world that I'm a tad disoriented when I have to go back into reality. And it's disappointing. It's all about the author's narrative. I'll appreciate from afar if it's a world like Panem though because there's no way I want to be a part of that (but even then, Collins does a great job in describing it).

7. Waiting forever. Series just bring torture in general. You usually have to wait at least a year for the next book and then you're left with impatience. It's just all the waiting. I can't wait.

8. Controlling myself when books turn into movies. I love it when books make that transition onto the screen. I do. But as a reader, there's also this conflict of being on edge in the theatre, wanting everything to be just. like. the book. It's hard. Even harder when you hear a ignorant fool person who obviously hasn't read the book either talk about how they're the most excited for the movie (great! You're excited! But you didn't read the book, or they make stupid comments throughout because they don't realize what comes next or what it all means.

9. Throwback Tuesday Wednesday to that list of romance pet peeves. Remember when I said the things I liked and disliked about romance in books? Well, those dislikes are some of my bookish problems.

10. Book hangovers and loss of words. I feel like these two go really hand-in-hand. Book hangovers are amazing, they really are. But then you try to get over the book afterwards and move on to another and it's hard. Then, even worse, you try to write a review and all you want to do is write flashing letters that say READ THIS, the end. Too many feelings.

What are problems you have?


  1. Basically all of these to some extent. College is a black hole; it sucks away all the time and money. I'll be right back with you in the fall. :P In the meantime: use the library, Luke! :D

  2. Summer I have to agree with you on so many of the above points that you've mentioned, me and my sister were just discussing "fake fans" the other day, those who watch the movies, but haven't read the books, we tend to get super annoyed with these. If I'm especially absorbed into a book I also need to carry on reading, my one chapter usually ends up being until I've read the book! And of course I much prefer the fictional world to the one I'm living in most of the time! I'm glad that we share so many bookish problems!