Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Romance Trends

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Today's topic is all about romance. What do you like/dislike when it comes to romance in books? What do you want to see more of? What do you wish to never see again? This is such an unbelievably hard topic for me since I think about these things ALL. THE. TIME. but then I go blank when someone actually asks me to list them. So let's hope I don't want to edit it tons after it's published. 

the DON'TS:
1. Insta-love - Instant attraction is a thing, instant love is not. I don't want to step on anybody's toes that believe in "love at first sight," but I want to roll my eyes every time I hear that.

2. Love triangles - First of all, how is this girl (usually it's the girl facing a decision) able to snag two guys' undeniable attention, making them wait and pursue her? HOW? Second, I have so many other problems with this trope, I don't know where to begin. Mostly, just go check out Lauren's blog. 

3. Abuse/manipulation - Come on, as girls, we're told that bad boys are actually good. Some authors actually succeed in this, but when it goes to abuse or manipulation or just downright jerky/bad, count me out. That's just wrong. (Looking at you, 50 Shades) 

4. All about that bass - One of them is lusting after the other and describing them constantly. And yes, I said lust. You can be attracted to someone, but when you're only focusing on their looks so many times I lose count, that's lust in my opinion. 
  • Special looks - The girl is prettier (and has a way different name, if you can imagine) than the other girls. Even though she's Miss Special, she's single and a loser. 
  • Special snowflake - This person can do no wrong! They suddenly realize they're the savior for the whole world! They realize they have powers! So their "love interest" is captivated by them. I'm just wondering, do you know what their favorite color is? If they're a breakfast or "just coffee" person in the morning? Sometimes I would just like to see characters caring about the person's personality and if they can actually live together in the long run. 
5. The safe, hypocritical zone - So many times, the girl stays with her safe boyfriend even though she's attracted to another. Sometimes she finally gets the chance with her lifetime crush and holds on to that even though suddenly the other guy is more attractive to her. Although this "let's stay safe" trope gets on my nerves, what makes it worse is when they go to forms of cheating. Hate. Cheating. Flirting, emotional bondage, a form of a date, etc. I bet you that if your significant other or even just that crush did it to you, you'd dump him real quick. 
the DO'S: 

1. Slow burn - On the other end of insta-love is the slow burn. The romantic tension KILLS. Of course, if this happens too much, it'd become like any other trope, but I do wish that it happens more and in a well-written way.

2. Brains being appreciated - I don't want to read about a Romeo & Juliet story where it ends up in a double suicide. Your romance, especially if it just happened, is not an end-all and be-all kind of situation. Think.
3. Friendship first - I appreciate a romance a whole lot more when there was a level of friendship first. This friendship doesn't necessarily have to happen before we meet them on the page, but I like friends who become a couple. 
  • Best friends - That whole "best friends turned lovers" trope is a favorite of mine. I can't deny.
  • The disguise - If a girl disguises herself as a boy and they become friends first before he realizes she's a girl and now he's attracted to her — if this happens, I will be very, very happy (if done right). 
4. Social class differences - Typically in a dystopian society where one is higher up in the ranks. I'm a fan. 

5. Wit - There needs to be humor in the situation! I'm a big, big fan of witty conversations and an author will win me over if there's banter. 

Based on these personal preferences, do you have any suggestions? Do you share these sentiments?


  1. Yes to pretty much everything you said. Love triangles, insta-love, cheating, abuse, nothing but lust - all bad. Especially those romances where the only problem is the girl's inability to make a decision. :P I would love to see more slowly developed relationships involving an element of friendship and common sense and humor. Especially the humor. Great list! :)

  2. I agree with everything on this list, especially the dislike for abuse. I hate those books where they portray the lead female as a weak individual who is too in love with her spouse and just lets him beat her. I absolutely hate them. A lot of girls may pick up books like this and get to thinking that relationships like that are okay. I love romances with the social class differences! It's so interesting to see how two people from completely different backgrounds interact with each other! Anyways great list!

  3. I love this list, girl!
    Love triangles - well, duh, completely agree with you on that one. Don't let me go into a rant!
    I also hate when guys say something along the lines of: "You're so different than anyone I've ever met..." in some situations it could make sense, but usually it just makes me angry.

    Gotta have a good slow burn, friendship, and great banter!

  4. I agree with pretty much all these, though I will say I don't hate all love triangles and that I don't always love the social class difference romance, just because it can feel too tropey sometimes. But if it's done well then yeah, I like it. By the way, have you read the Leviathan trilogy? Because seriously ALL your romance likes are in it!

  5. Love this list!!!! I changed mine up a bit check it out :) http://bookbabble.weebly.com/blog/top-ten-tuesday2

  6. Yes, to wit and brains. Those made my list too!

  7. Ooh, I love the stuff you do like! I'm especially a big fan of slow burn romances. There's just something magical about taking your sweet time to get to know each other, and slowly but surely developing those feelings of love, love, love.

  8. I have to agree Summer with all the Do's you've mentioned I love slow burn romances, they're always the ones that end up working for me, I can't stand insta love. I also do love my stories which feature friendships developing into romances and also also books which are funny, Meg Cabot tends to do this really well!