Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Mustache You Some Questions

I was tagged by Lauren @ Love is not a triangle
As the title suggests, I'll be answering some questions today. Not sure who started the meme, but way, way back in December/January, Lauren tagged me. I just never got around to it! 

Four names people call me other than my real name:

I don't actually have nicknames. The name Summer is really hard to shorten or twist around.

1) Summer-girl - this is from my mother. She's the main one I associate this with, but my dad's secretary who I have known forever also calls me this. And semi-recently so has Marlene!

2) Summo - it's pronounced sum (like the amount of money) + oh. My best friend since diapers has called me this since, maybe, middle school. People confused it with "sumo" like a wrestler. Not fun.

3) Spring, winter, fall, etc. - people think they're original, but really they just look dumb. I don't really mind, I know they're trying to be funny. It's just lame that they think they are. 

4) Chunky monkey - this was when I was a baby by my dad. I was told about this one, but I couldn't think of anything else. I was called McDonald's once because my last name is McDaniel, also people would try to rhyme my name. Summer bummer was okay, but Summer dumber was unacceptable.

Four jobs I've had:

1) Clerical assistant - my first summer job and when I realized that money doesn't equal happiness.

2) Media specialist - this was during the summer between high school and college, and I was also in charge of cleaning the bathroom. Meaning, I had to clean the urinal aka the portal to hell. 

3) Customer service associate - also during the summer between high school and college. I loved this job. Mainly, I loved it because of my managers. They were awesome.

4) Er, does volunteering and odd jobs count? I did a lot during middle school through high school.

Four movies I would/have watched more than once:

1) While You Were Sleeping - always and forever. "Caesar Romero was tall."

2) You've Got Mail - ditto. "I love daisies."

3) Ever After - this Cinderella retelling has the best ending. "Yes! I should go down in history as the man who could open a door!" 

4) All Disney movies, all Marvel movies, and Anne of Green Gables - and so many others. Movies are great. "Please go away, Marilla. I'm in the depths of despair."

Only picking four was the hardest thing ever.

Four books I'd recommend: 

1) Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter  

2) The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

3) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

4) The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer 

Just kidding, this was one of the hardest things ever. I want to list SO MANY OTHERS. This pained me so I'll keep moving.

Four places I have lived:

1) North Fort Myers, Florida

2) Tampa, Florida

3) TBD

4) TBD 

Four places I have been: 

1) Niagara Falls, NY and Canada

2) Managua, Nicaragua - this was for a missions trip this past August. Those kids were everything.

3) National landmarks like Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore

4) Washington - the state and D.C. 

My family went on a huge American road trip when I was about five, which I somewhat remember, and we went through a lot states. I've been to other states as well to see family and everything. Still waiting to go to Europe. 

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1) Rome and Florence - I needed to list these two together because they're both in Italy, but hours apart. I'd do anything to go here. 

2) Swiss Alps. - I've never been skiing, I've never even seen SNOW. So if I'm going to do it. why not go all out and do so here? 

3) Visiting blogger friends and family. 

4) Getting a massage - I'm stealing Lauren's answer on this. Yes, please. 

Four things I don't eat:

1) Chicken and dumplings - the only food that I refuse to eat. Yes, I'm southern. 

2) Soda - I know you don't eat this, you drink it, but I'm not a picky eater. I stopped drinking soda in middle school, I think, and never looked back. Now I hate the taste and fizz. 

3) Olives

4) Anything super spicy. I like enchiladas and everything, but I can't stand it when something is really spicy and I can't calm it down. It also doesn't jive with my esophagus problems.

Like I said, I'm not a picky eater. 

Four of my favorite foods:

1) Macaroni and cheese

2) Banana pudding - birthday dessert every year by my mom

3) Anything made by my mother 

4) Ice cream - I like so many kinds, I am an ice cream fiend. My loyal standby would be cookie dough though.

Four TV shows that I watch:

1) Blacklist 

2) Castle

3) The 100 

4) Amazing Race 

Again, how can I just pick FOUR? Non-college people don't understand that after reading so much for school, when you want to decompress, sometimes it's easier to just mindlessly watch TV instead. So I've picked up a couple show addictions along the way. (Really, if you need suggestions, come ask)

Four things I am looking forward to this year (2015):

1) I figured out my housing arrangement for the fall and I'm really excited. 

2) 2015 releases - I expect my heart will break a few times, but oh will there be rejoicing too.

3) BEA - I'm even afraid to put this on here just yet.

4) The end of the semester - I picture myself army crawling out of a black pit

Four things I'm always saying:

1)  "One more chapter..."

2) "Hey now!" - my family likes to tease me or twist my words

3) "Oh my gosh" 

4) "I hate you" - I'm not hateful or evil, no worries. Everyone feels this when their phone messes up, their wifi crashes, they realize their professors dumped all kinds of assignments on them at once (I never say it to them, only to the computer screen), etc.  

Four People I tag:

1) Lili @ Lili's Reflections

2) Emily @ Forever Literary

4) Emma @ Awkwordly Emma

And if they do it, go read their answers! Or answer these questions yourself, even if I didn't tag you.


  1. Ever After is great! It has been almost a year since my last rewatch.
    Also, you have never seen snow? *gasp* I know there are people of haven't but I have never lived anywhere that was not completely white most of the winter. (Wisconsin and Montana) Sometimes I wish I was somewhere it didn't snow, but then I don't think it would feel like winter to me.

  2. This is a fun one!! Loved your answers too. Summer Dumber? Seriously?? LOL You're adorable. :)

  3. Spring, Winter, Fall; how lame :')
    Disney and Marvel movies, excellent picks.
    I would love to go the Rome and Florence, they are high on my list with potential future trips.
    I also don't like olives.

  4. I completely agree with you on the olives! But, um...*quickly hides Mountain Dew stash and hot sauce collection*

    Also, if you need a good decompressing film (on the off chance you haven't seen it yet), look up "The Decoy Bride" on Netflix. I shouldn't admit to how many times I've watched it. >.>

  5. While You Were Sleeping!!!!!! Definitely one of the best movies ever!